LED luminaire POLAR SE

POLAR SE is a luminaire made entirely of aluminium with a thickness of only
5mm. The luminaire integrates a special LGP LED cluster which offers a wide and diffused light projection, without the dot-effect. POLAR SE has been designed for fast and easy mounting on the surface and on the wall with only two screws. This makes it possible to conceal the power cable directly on the back of the cabinet without having to plan preventive and complex holes in the cabinet.

It comes with a special distributor which enables you to connect POLAR with switch with the POLAR SE slave devices. This allows you to create POLAR SET, which links all of the devices together under one on/off switch on POLAR with switch.

In addition transformer needed:

for 1-3 luminaire 33-D0846701

for 4-6 luminaire 33-D0846501

for 7-12 luminaire 33-D0858801

for 13-20 luminaire 33-D0856001


Article Name Unit Colour appearance Color Luminous efficiency, lm/W Lenght, mm Diameter, mm Energy consumption, W Color temperature, K Input voltage Price EUR per unit Stock Add to cart
33-D1325632B/1 LED luminaire POLAR SE Piece warm white black 65 190.0 70x190 5 3000 24.0 19.49